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CV Outreach is a free program designed to connect your church

to people looking for answers about life, purpose and faith.

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CV Outreach, an initiative of CV Global, exists to connect people to the local church. Through the use of digital marketing, we’re able to reach people all over the world who are looking online for answers to some of life’s most profound questions.

We aim to encourage individuals to become true followers of Christ, and we’re proud to partner with churches who share that same passion. Because discipleship happens in the context of relationships, we believe that connecting seekers to a local church is the best way to reach this goal.

How CV Outreach Works

We share the message about God via social media
People respond and ask questions about life, purpose and faith
Those questions are redirected to the nearest local church

Real People. Real Needs

Story of Impact

These are real conversations had through CV Outreach,
told from the pastors themselves.

See how CV Outreach is impacting local communities, world wide.

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